Children's Program (5-9 yrs)

The curriculum of the Children’s Program (ages 5-9) reflects our commitment to the values of academic excellence, cooperation, equality, and non‑violence. We encourage all aspects of a child’s development—cognitive, social, emotional, and physical—in a setting that allows learning to happen easily and with enjoyment.

Children's Loft

The before-school program

focuses on getting the children ready for school and a day of learning. Children arrive as early as 7:00am, which is a big help for parents who work very early hours. They eat breakfast, and are escorted to school by staff.

In the after-school program, the children receive a snack and then work on their homework with assistance from counselors. The homework is complemented with a tutoring program, computer classes, a reading and literacy program, mathematics, fine and dramatic arts, crafts activities, community service, dance, and outside and inside games and recreation. We help to guide them towards a healthy lifestyle that encompasses daily exercise and healthy eating choices. We take great care in assuring that they have at least 30 minutes of gross motor activity for every 4 hours of programming. The children are served nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis. The menus are reflective of state education standards, cultural diversity, and food that pleases the children and parents.

Each month, the program focuses on set goals and objectives by examining them through themes of the month. For example, some of our themes will be music appreciation, community and culture, health, ecology/conservation, cooperation/nonviolence and arts. Areas of focus throughout the year include math, journal writing, science, recreation, different cultures, and art. The lessons and the activities in core subject areas reinforce the DC Public School curriculum standards and are intentionally tied to the learning standards for each grade.  The Children’s Program will also be working with local schools to incorporate what they are learning in the classroom with the activities planned within our monthly thematic lesson planning. Because we incorporate the learning standards of DC Public Schools, we have the guidance of what students should know, and what they should be able to do: in each subject, at each grade level and, in every school that we have formed and will form collaborations.

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